[ZIMBRA] Prevent User Customizing “FROM” header


Some of our Zimbra customers are complaining for authenticated user can customizing FROM header which can lead to fraud email. this issue can be reproduce by using thunderbird once compose an email as following picture.


or by using this script, change variables username, password, fake_from and to_addr based on your environment.


I created customized milter engine using python milter library for my workaroud with following features:

  • the filter triggered when “MAIL FROM:” in smtp command is not match with “FROM:” email’s header.
  • “MAIL FROM:” and “FROM:” be can allowed as long as it’s account alias, canonical address or catch all address (this can be customized).
  • Some exception (whitelist) using regex patterns.
  • Allowing sender send as distribution list (if allowed using grants sendAsDistList).
  • Daemonized using supervisord


note: Following steps are executed in each your MTA servers.

Some packages dependencies are in EPEL repository, so install it’s repo first

yum install epel-release

Download dependencies

yum install python-pymilter python-ldap supervisor git-core

Clone repository

cd /opt
git clone https://github.com/iomarmochtar/zmbr_check_sender

Create configuration from template

cd zmbr_check_sender/etc
cp config_dist.ini config.ini
vim config.ini

Adjust configuration based on your environment, for basic setup just change main.domains for list of domain that will be filtered, ldap.url for ldap your zimbra ldap host and zimbra.pwd for your zimbra ldap admin password that can be seen using command (as zimbra user).

zmlocalconfig -s ldap_root_password

Append supervisord configuration.

cat daemon.ini >> /etc/supervisord.conf

Run the service and make sure it run on boot.

service supervisord start
chkconfig supervisord on

You can check using telnet if the service are listed on port 5000.

telnet localhost 5000

Configure zimbra for using it as milter.

su - zimbra
zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraMtaSmtpdMilters inet:
zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraMilterServerEnabled TRUE
zmmtactl restart

Do the test by using thunderbird or script tes_sasl.py in folder test


You can see verbosely what this milter engine do by set configuration main.debug to true then restart the supervisord service.
all activity can be seen by grep it’s name process in mail log.

tail -f /var/log/zimbra.log | grep mail_from_check


This is only my workaround related to this issue, really hope  this “hardening” will be default in Zimbra’s builtin milter for preventing fraud email which some of our customer  cannot tolerate it.

19 thoughts on “[ZIMBRA] Prevent User Customizing “FROM” header

      1. When I do not add the zimbraMilterBindPort 5000 it will show something in the log as connection refused to ip:7026. So it tries to connect to the built-in Milter, that is not running.

        I re-tried it on a different install and w/o setting the zimbraMilterBindPort to 5000 it does not work. zmmtactl restart and such do not seem to give a port conflict.


      2. if you set zimbraMilterBindPort to 5000 there will be duplicated on postfix’s milters config. you can check it by using this command (as zimbra user)

        postconf smtpd_milters

        zimbra milters will be active after service after mta service restarted.


  1. One more little detail to make it even nicer:

    cp daemon.ini /etc/supervisord.d/check_sender_access.ini

    This is a little easier to maintain, as opposed to adding it to the supervisord.conf. If there are future changes.


    1. i was considering for that, but since there is no “include” feature in old supervisord version (which shipped in Centos 6.x) so i tend to append the configuration in main config file which supported both in old and new version of supervisord.


  2. Hi,

    Zimbra allows force a match between the from in the header and the sasl user. https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Enforcing_a_match_between_FROM_address_and_sasl_username_8.5

    Despite the confusing use of “alternate” address in that wiki, exception db will be only needed for those who use an email address that does not belong to your domain and thus, no delegation to send as or in behalf of was made.

    May I ask if you do what you do because you did not know about this native Zimbra feature or is there any other reason?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!


    1. You must know the differentiate MAIL FROM envelope address and FROM header first.

      of course i have do all in zimbra wiki’s steps and it not solving the problem. also there was ticket related to this issue in zimbra bugzilla (https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=108036) with unanswered question, so that’s why i searching for my own solution.

      better if you have zimbra you may try it by test using thunderbird or testing script that i have provided.


  3. Hi this is great thank you very much. the things is we are getting from these email from different domain is there any way to filter every domain ?


      1. Hi Thank you now it’s working but I’m getting below error for some users.

        ” milter-reject: END-OF-MESSAGE from unknown”

        Do you have any idea for this ?


      2. Ok will do , Yes this is happening when internal users sending multiple attachment for outside.


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