Zimbra LAZY Auto Provisioning

When using external authentication we will burden with creating single user in 2 place (in Zimbra and external directory server) for making administrating user more easier there is feature called Auto Provisioning that available since zimbra version 8. this features separated into two kind LAZY and EAGER,

But i preferred using LAZY, a simple explanation for this method


When unlisted user in zimbra try to login and in external authentication is successful then zimbra will create user on the fly.

I’m using Active Directory with domain domain.omar.ok , you may replace some configuration below with your environment

zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvMode LAZY
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvAccountNameMap sAMAccountName
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvAttrMap sn=displayName
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvAuthMech LDAP
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvLdapAdminBindDn 'Administrator@domain.omar.ok'
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvLdapAdminBindPassword 'Omar123!'
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvLdapSearchBase 'CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=omar,DC=ok'
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvLdapSearchFilter "(sAMAccountName=%u)"
zmprov md omar.ok zimbraAutoProvLdapURL ldap://

Note: Auto provisioning will never work if you not using external authentication.


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